In this interview, Karen Esmonde-White from Kaiser Optical Systems talks to News-Medical Life Sciences about measuring Salmon Meat composition using Near-infrared Raman Spectroscopic techniques.
Lonza is a large, multinational corporation serving the entire pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing pipeline, from non-clinical research products to final dosage and delivery solutions.
An interview with ZEISS, to discuss the challenges faced in neuroscience research microscopy techniques and their latest microscope.
In this interview, Jason Lin, Application Scientist from Wyatt Technology, talks to News-Medical about the new ultraDAWN that is a breakthrough in monitoring nanoparticle biopharmaceutical and polymer product process.
News-Medical Life Sciences spoke to Nicholas Dupuis from Biognosys at Neuroscience 2019 about proteomics & DIA mass spectrometry in neurodegenerative disease research.
News-Medical Life Sciences spoke to Zaber Technologies at Neuroscience 2019 to find out how they are lowering the barriers of automated microscopy.
News-Medical Life Sciences caught up with Zantiks at Neuroscience 2019 to have a chat about their animal behavior research solutions and their link to neuroscience.
News-Medical Life Sciences caught up with Peter Will at Neuroscience 2019 to talk about their weighing
Ophthalmology, a highly dynamic space in vision loss and age-related eye diseases with approximately 1.3 billion people living with vision impairment.
In this interview, Prof. Elborn and Dr. Dixon discuss the issues involving chronic lung conditions such as cystic fibrosis and bacterial respiratory infections.
An interview with Dr. Kristen Sowalsky, discussing a wearable gait sensor and its impact on Parkinson’s disease research.
An interview with Dr. Lloyd Tran, discussing the major barriers to Alzheimer’s research and development over the past 40 years.
LetsGetChecked is a medical technology platform revolutionizing consumer healthcare by linking patients with labs to make healthcare open and patient-led.