The protein Connexin 26 has been previously identified as being directly sensitive to Carbon dioxide and linked to conditions such as KIDS syndrome and deafness.
An interview with Dr. Kathyrn Cunningham at SfN 2018, providing advice on carrying out Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-seq) with low cell numbers.
An interview with Dr. Karolina Szczesna, discussing the tell-tale signs of a good antibody and how Proteintech are working to improve experimental results for scientists.
An interview with Ramya Prabakaran & Melody Chang from GenScript, discussing the development of automated systems that improve outcomes for western blotting.
An international team of researchers has identified more than 1,200 genetic variants that are associated with how much schooling a person completes and used the findings to create a “polygenic” score that is predictive of more than 11% of the variation in education level between individuals.
Bacterial systems are some of the simplest and most effective platforms for the expression of recombinant proteins.
When Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with end-stage metastatic melanoma in 2015, he began taking a drug developed in part using 3D molecular data.
Scientists from EPFL and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have carried out one of the most extensive lipidomics studies to date, connecting almost 150 different lipid species to their respective genetic regulators, revealing signatures of metabolic health and disease.
Isabelle Fournier and her team are out to change surgical oncology. "Better surgery is associated with better prognosis and higher survival," said Fournier, a professor at the University of Lille and co-director of a proteomics center of INSERM, the French national institute of health.
A new protein analysis tool developed at the University at Buffalo could vastly increase the speed and precision with which disease and drug effects are analyzed.
Bruker today introduces the new CTX™ X-ray fluorescence (XRF) elemental analyzer. The portable Counter Top XRF (CTX) is small, light-weight, safety-interlocked, and battery operated. At less than 7 kilograms in weight, the self-contained CTX is truly portable, and has a small footprint of 14 cm in width.
Bruker today announces the launch of the new INVENIO™ Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) research spectrometer. The INVENIO is the successor to the renowned VERTEX 70 FT-IR for advanced R&D applications.
Pittcon, the world’s leading conference and exposition for laboratory science, is pleased to announce the selection of ten finalists in the annual Pittcon Today Excellence Awards conducted by CE Communications, the official publishers of Pittcon Today and the Pittcon Buzz.
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