Cluster headaches are probably the most painful types of pain a human can suffer and it is for no small reason that this condition is also sometimes referred to as suicide headache.
ALS is a neurodegenerative disease in which motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord are damaged. As ALS progresses, neurons are unable to send impulses to muscles, making voluntary muscle movement difficult, including standing, walking and sitting, as well as speaking and swallowing.
We used to sleep in two phases, with a first sleep and then a second sleep. Arguably from time immemorial to the nineteenth century, the dominant pattern of sleep in Western societies was biphasic, whereby most preindustrial households retired between 9 and 10pm, slept for 3 to 3 ½ hours during their “first sleep,”
Our main findings showed that high-performance athletes were just as likely as non-athletes to report mild or more severe depressive symptoms.
Three in five teenagers surveyed by the British Skin Foundation reported ‘a fall in self-confidence’ as the biggest impact that acne has on their lives. From my experience as a dermatologist I find that those with acne can often feel unsupported, socially isolated and become withdrawn.
Deaths in 2015 increased by 5.6% compared to 2014, with 28,231 more deaths recorded. This is the biggest percentage increase for over 50 years, and third biggest since WWII.
Very common – most of us will experience bowel symptoms from time to time, but usually the symptoms last only a few days. You should see your GP if they persist for more than three weeks (sooner if they are severe) or if your symptoms keep coming back.
Brown fat is a tissue well studied in small mammals, where it acts as a heat-producing organ to stay warm in a cold environment. Its unequivocal identification in adult, healthy humans about a decade ago is of major importance due to its immense capacity to convert chemical energy into heat
There's no solid evidence that we sleep fewer hours today than we ever did, this is something I have gone into large amounts of detail in my book, in my published papers and at a recent meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine.
Colorectal cancer is a combined term to describe the malignant tumors that occur in the large intestine; the colon being the upper part of the large intestine and the rectum being the lowest part of the large intestine.
Phase-contrast X-ray imaging differs from conventional X-rays because it uses a different physical principle.
Latest research suggests that 1 in 10 dads will suffer from postnatal depression (PND), and as many as 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed. This was from a survey by NCT released in 2015. This also revealed that as many as 38% of new dads have concerns surrounding their mental health.
Reduced eye contact is one of the hallmark symptoms of autism and often one of the earliest red flags for parents and physicians. The reason why has been a longstanding debate in the field.