There is incontrovertible evidence that some harmful drugs and toxins can affect lifelong health. For example, if women take certain drugs in pregnancy, such as thalidomide, there are well documented effects on lifelong health. These have obvious and dramatic effects on the child...
When choosing a sunscreen, you must first consider what you will be doing when wearing it, for example if you're running, the sunscreen you choose must be able to withstand sweating.
The number of cases of childhood diarrhea, and its mortality toll of 500,000 per year, has not changed. Now, however, we can explain ~90% of the cases to specific pathogens. We can assign responsibility.
The majority of patients in neonatal intensive care units are premature babies, who often have infectious (congenital pneumonia) or noninfectious (tachypnea, infant respiratory distress syndrome) respiratory pathologies.
Patients with head and neck cancer usually present with locally advanced disease and often require more than one type of treatment, which may include surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.
SIDS is the sudden and unexpected death of a baby, which usually occurs during sleep. The great majority of the babies are aged between about two weeks and seven or eight months.
We wanted to see whether supplementing the diet of disadvantaged adolescents with the omega 3 polyunsaturated acids, EPA & DHA, vitamins and minerals over a school term might improve their antisocial behaviour, which usually gets worse during a term.
FIT (faecal immunochemical test) is a screening test for bowel cancer which detects hidden traces of blood in stools. It is now used in population screening around the world including Italy, The Netherlands, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Slovenia, Malta, Japan, parts of Canada, and Southeast Asia.
I think the main challenges in explaining asthma to children, is to make them understand that in most instances it may be a chronic condition that might need chronic daily medicine.
IPF is a rare and fatal lung disease that causes permanent scarring of the lungs, leading to debilitating shortness of breath and cough in affected patients. It affects as many as 132,000 Americans, most commonly those over the age of 65.
This is the million dollar question but it is hard to give a definite answer. Most data on trends in life and healthy life expectancy use surveys that do not include people in care homes which can skew results at older ages.
In humans, much is already known about the impact of maternal undernutrition during pregnancy, and its impact on growth, development and disease throughout the life course. However, until recently little was known about the effects of the nutritional environment around the time of conception.
The main symptoms of advanced prostate cancer can include (but are not limited to) difficulty walking or climbing steps, unexplained pain, troubled sleep and taking pain relievers daily.