This briefing, for reporters only, will look at some of the important issues that must be settled if President Obama is to sign a meaningful health reform bill this year.
Republican and Democratic lawmakers have been given "talking points" on health care reform to discuss with constituents during the Memorial Day recess as House and Senate committees work to develop comprehensive reform bills by mid-June, Politico reports (Budoff Brown, Politico, 5/26).
Academic health center CEOs told congressional staff and representatives of national health care organizations at a congressional briefing that pending health reform legislation does not yet reflect the strategic emphasis on health workforce needed to implement successful health system reform.
America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) will release a new comprehensive health care reform proposal that offers solutions to contain rising health care costs, enhance portability, provide affordable coverage options for small businesses, protect against medical bankruptcy, and more.
"By tackling cost at the same time as access," the Obama administration and congressional lawmakers "have made their political challenge more difficult," the New York Times reports.
President Obama's speech to Congress last night addressed many of the changes necessary to achieve comprehensive health care reform, changes that will move our nation toward the ultimate goal of universal coverage for all Americans. We certainly agree that the system is broken, it is too costly, outcomes are not what they should be, and not what the American public deserves.
With the passage of the historic health care legislation, the National Medical Association (NMA), the nation's oldest and largest organization representing the interests of 30,000 African American physicians will hold a press conference to address health care reform implementation and its impact on health disparities.
As the debate over healthcare insurance reform continues, faculty members of The George Washington University Medical Center are available to comment on topics regarding health insurance reform, including: general policy/political analysis, Medicare, Medicaid, compliance, community health centers, state health reform, affordability, finance and health technology information.