We would normally divide the additive manufacturing technology into seven different groups. Whilst they all focus on building layer by layer, the way in which those layers are constructed varies according to the different type of additive manufacturing technology that's being used.
When someone breaks or fractures a bone, orthopedic surgeons can set and stabilize it by drilling and placing medical screws into the damaged area. This technique of fracture fixation enables fast healing and a quick recovery of functionality of the injured bone.
In this interview Dr. Serajuddin, Professor of Industrial Pharmacy at St John's University talks about personalized medicine and 3D printing technology.
Global engineering and healthcare technologies company, Renishaw, is attending the second annual International 3D Printing in Medicine Conference in Mainz, Germany on May 19th-20th. Renishaw will demonstrate the opportunities that additive manufacturing (AM) creates in craniomaxillofacial surgery, by exhibiting its bespoke implants and providing demonstrations of its new implant design software, Additive-manufacture for Design-led Efficient Patient Treatment (ADEPT).
The LifeNet Health Institute of Regenerative Medicine is bringing together scientists and surgeons from around the world to explore the future of transplant medicine during its Scientific Symposium Sept. 25-26.
With Botox available at the mall and laser-hair removal offered at the neighborhood nail salon how can patients make sure they are getting safe and effective procedures? The future of Cosmetic Medicine will be discussed by leading experts at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) being held at the San Diego Convention Center May 2-6, 2008.
Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, beneficial microbes could represent the future of medicine, with the potential to treat a variety of diseases in humans and animals from diarrhea and eczema to gum disease and autoimmune disorders.
Future Medicine Ltd has today announced the launch of Neuropsychiatry – a new bimonthly title addressing all the latest trends in the field, from R&D through to clinical application and management, presenting research, findings, analysis and commentaries from experts around the world. Neuropsychiatry is published by Future Medicine Ltd (UK, London) renowned for its collection of journals providing healthcare practitioners and research professionals with a unique source of objective, cutting-edge information on exciting trends emerging in light of advances in medicine, healthcare and clinical practice.