The dailyRx News Network, a leading digital publisher of health news, announced today that its Total Patient Engagement solution has been expanded and enhanced to include dailyRx-created video health news.
After reviewing more than 13,000 entries, the Telly Awards® and their Silver Council announced the Shire and PharmtoMarket (P2M) produced "ADHD News Network Broadcast: 11/18/2009" had received the coveted 2010 Telly Award for video broadcasting and production.
The new NHS payment system has already run into problems and requires careful monitoring, say researchers at Dr Foster in this week's BMJ.
Although it has been demonstrated that Helicobacter pylori causes gastric cancer, it is still controversial that whether H. pylori eradication therapy is effective in primary prevention of gastric cancer. This is especially important for Yamagata Prefecture, a region of Japan with the second highest incidence of gastric cancer in the world.
The American Group Management Association asked the Obama administration to scale back the anticipated savings that are expected from the creation of accountable care organizations. Setting the savings bar too high, the organizations said, could cause the ACO program to be unsuccessful.
An investigation into why and how patients with bipolar disorder manage their moods without medication has found that most individuals are initially motivated by concerns about side effects.
Regenerative medicine scientists at the University of Florida's McKnight Brain Institute have created a system in rodent models that for the first time duplicates neurogenesis - the process of generating new brain cells - in a dish.
A team of Brown University biomedical engineers has invented a 3-D Petri dish that can grow cells in three dimensions, a method that promises to quickly and cheaply produce more realistic cells for drug development and tissue transplantation.