St. Michael's Hospital today became the first in North America to use a novel blood-cleaning procedure for a kidney patient that will allow him to receive a transplant from a donor with a different blood type.
Severe acute liver failure (ALF), a rare but life-threatening illness, is associated with high death rates if patients don't receive timely treatment or a liver transplant.
UNISON is urging health ministers to bring back hospital cleaners, whose number has almost halved in the past 20 years.
As the novel coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) spreads to over 169 nations and territories across the globe, grinding to a halt nations and their healthcare systems, more and more countries are resorting to ‘lockdowns’ to prevent human to human transmission of the virus.
Hospital cleaners need greater resources to defeat healthcare-associated infections, UNISON health conference delegates declared in Manchester this week.
Physicians in the UK are calling for improved warnings and more child-proof packaging for liquid cleaning capsules after a number of incidents in which toddlers were hospitalized after swallowing them.
Today, in continued recognition of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Contact Lens Health Week, 1-800 Contacts is providing an overview on contact lens solution and how to best use it to keep lenses clean.
A new study, scheduled to appear in the May 1 edition of Environmental Science & Technology, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, suggests that current regulations for environmental remediation are inadequate to deal with a dirty bomb attack.