EIN News, one of the Internet's most popular online news-monitoring services, introduces a new way for medical professionals and researchers to keep up with the latest autism news.
Nature News examines African countries' scientific capacity and efforts in a series of articles. "The forecast for science in Africa has brightened over the past decade.
Medical scientists from two of Israel's premier universities will join University of Michigan colleagues Oct. 18-21 in Ann Arbor for what has become the university's largest ever joint medical science symposium with Israel.
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, in partnership with The Kavli Foundation and the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, has announced the establishment of the Kavli Prize Science Forum - a new biennial international forum meeting to facilitate high-level, global discussion of major topics on science and science policy.
NHS Choices, the online 'front door' to the NHS, launches a daily health news service to help people make sense of the stories appearing in the news about medical research.
A special issue of Medical Acupuncture presents a series of articles by authors from around the world who provide diverse and insightful perspectives on the science and physiologic responses underlying medical acupuncture.
Strategic Rare Earth Metals CEO, Tony Dibiase, announces today that the company has confirmed over 400,000 recipients for its proprietary, trademarked report covering Medical Conference topics for Fall 2010.
A world leader in medical implants calls for a rethink in our approach to building medical implants.